Who we are & what we do

SOVATZOGLOU & CO specializes in industrial, food & pharmaceutical facilities, High Purity steam and water piping, stainless steel food grade jacketed tubing, industrial steam piping, high pressure fuel and gas piping, compressed air piping systems. We also fabricate conventional mechanical installations: HVAC, fire protection systems such as sprinkler, hose reels, deluge, foam, inergen and FM200 systems, plumbing & sanitary systems.

Since 2016, in order to accomplish precision welding in high purity industries (pharmaceutical, food grade and industrial stainless steel piping) our company uses portable high performance orbital welding power sources with closed chamber welding heads, for autogenous welding of tubes without filler wire.

SOVATZOGLOU & CO has established a Quality Management System certified by Swiss Approval International in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard EN ISO 9001: 2015 with scope: “ENGINEERING, CONSTRUCTION, QUALITY CONTROL, MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE OF ELECTROMECHANICAL PROJECTS IN SHIPS, BUILDINGS, INDUSTRIES AND MEDICAL GASES INSTALLATIONS”, which applies to all company procedures.

Our company, as well as our welders and brazers, are certified for welding in Cu, CS & SS (Copper, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel) piping of any diameter.

SOVATZOGLOU & CO is a versatile company. We employ experienced, qualified site supervisors, who along with independent groups by licensed technicians, welders, pipe fitters, and site assistants, cover the entire spectrum of our works, ranging from small parallel expeditious contract works, to large long-term projects.

We have covered storage areas, such as pre fabrication and finishing areas. We provide high-quality services with personal assistance through our 24/7 service for all our customers.


Everyone involved in our company – our technicians, our customers, our vendors and all the people we are dealing with – appreciate our commitment to produce results with the most ethical and responsible way, following the highest standards of business integrity and transparency.

Our people

Our people shape the image of our company. We all embody the same philosophy and work together toward a common goal, the completion of each project in the time we have committed to, with the utmost attention to detail and safety. Our success revolves around our people and the way that they are hired, trained, developed and rewarded, as well as the way they collaborate within the various teams, being effective and efficient. Our team of outstanding professionals is focused on performance, creativity, innovation and the power of ideas that come from a diverse workforce.

We respect, develop and invest in our people.

Giorgos Sovatzoglou

Mechanical Engineer

Panagiotis Dedoukos

Mechanical Engineer

Vassilis Georgoulias

Mechanical Engineer

Spyros Dervis

Mechanical Engineer

Babis Prountzos

Mechanical Engineer

Thanos Iliopoulos

Mechanical Engineer

Ilias Pavlidis

Mechanical Engineer

Zoe Katoikou

Mechanical Engineer

Health & Safety

Safety is our first priority . Our employees are our most valuable asset, which is why workplace safety is and remains our undisputed #1 priority.

We guarantee Health & Safety in the workplace by identifying risks and working towards elimination, or maximum limitation of them and their consequences. We investigate all accidents and near misses and take all necessary actions to avoid their recurrence.

Written occupational risk assessment studies feature in all of the company’s activities and includes measures that need to be taken to eliminate, or control hazards – thereby keeping them at low and acceptable levels.

«SOVATZOGLOU & CO» provides high quality services relying on advanced project implementation, cost optimization, strict timetable adherence and exacting quality control during each project phase. The company also relies on sound project planning and effective project management, seamless communication with our technicians, customers, suppliers and partners and by the efficient job allocation.

At «SOVATZOGLOU & CO» we seek our customer’s trust daily. We do not just state that we are devoted to quality and safety, we prove it by using reliable criteria based on international standards (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 15609-1:2004, ISO 9606-1:2012, ISO 857-2:2005) and constantly evolving through the strictest evaluation and upgrade processes. To fully meet the requirements of these standards, we are assessed annually by internationally recognized certification bodies.

At our company we apply all adopted quality standards continuously, to validate various aspects of our business, such as continuous personnel training, the suitability of the equipment, the detailed welding procedures and quality control processes, as well as the company’s policies. Our aim is to apply an integrated Quality Management and Safety System for our works.

9–11 A. Papandreou & P. Latomion | 15127 | Melissia
Τ&F: 211 7002764 | E: info@sovatzoglou.gr

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